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Best Ski Boots For Wide Feet: Men & Women 2022

Victor Dave
  Sep 28, 2022 9:34 PM

Many skiers are unsure about how they will feel when they step into a pair of ski boots. Wearing ski boots as well as vast is a typical error. This article will show you Best Ski Boots For Wide Feet: Men & Women 2022


There's absolutely nothing worse than a set of ski boots that do not fit. It's time to stop losing skiing days in the wrong ski boots and finally obtain something that fits!

Know what to expect in a ski boot.

Numerous skiers are not 100% knowledgeable about exactly how they feel when entering a set of ski boots. A common mistake is to wear ski boots as well as vast. If you make the blunder of putting on also vast ski boots, you will certainly have a more difficult time proceeding as a skier and will certainly cause discomfort in the long run. So we suggest the top ski footwear for your reference


1. Salomon X Gain Access To 80 Wide Ski Boots Men's.

From Salomon, these are the ideal ski boots for beginners who are simply getting utilized to their gear, and maybe even snowboarding generally. If you've found yourself wincing at the tight fit of a standard ski boot, these may be the boots for you! They are made to accommodate those with broader feet as well as are developed with the convenience of the user as the top priority.

If you frequently find yourself getting pinched by too tight of a fit, these boots provide a respectable service. With a broader foot in mind, as well as a calf bone adjuster that allows you to locate the best suitable for your calf bone dimension, Salomon aims to provide the perfect fit for skiers of all shapes and sizes.

Product details:

  • Size:12/ 12.5 (30/30.5)
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Department: Men's
  • Date First Available: June 10, 2019
  • Manufacturer: Salomon


  • A calf insurance adjuster enables you to adjust the fit of the boot to your unique calf bone size.
  • Created with comfort in mind.
  • Attribute a special TwinFrame style for raised control as well as responsiveness.


  • It May is not a wonderful fit for those with thinner or smaller-sized feet
  • Medium-soft flex could not be appropriate for advanced and aggressive skiers.

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2. Salomon S Pro 70 Ski Boot - Women's

This is definitely a clever option that should be taken into consideration, particularly for amateurs who are prepared to advance to higher levels of play. Those who have bigger calves and feet will find that the calves adjustment that is incorporated in this boot is not only comfortable, but also supportive to them.

A specified construction zone is also included into the twin frame, in addition to this feature. Because of this, you are able to exert a higher amount of control, which is excellent for the development of your abilities.

Product details:

  • Buckle: 4
  • Extras: 24mm Oversized Pivot
  • Flex Index: 70 - Medium soft
  • Last: 100 mm
  • Liner: Women's specific My CustomFit 3D Sport liner
  • Technology: Twin frame


  • A soft flex is for beginners.
  • Women's specific cuff
  • Adjustable calf
  • Ultra forgiving


  • A few sizes to choose
  • Not for advanced skiers

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3. Rossignol Evo 70 Mens Ski Boots

Comfort and control The Evo 70 gives beginners the best of both worlds. The 104mm loose fit addresses frequent fitting issues by providing a more comfortable vamp and ankle. As a consequence, there is improved circulation, warmth, and comfort when carving in the mountains.

The three-buckle shell provides solid control, while the contoured bootie provides comfort. Fitted yet relaxed The relaxed cut version has a 104 mm wider fit in the forefoot, toe, and ankle regions, providing excellent comfort and support throughout the day. Weight reduction, overall power The shell with Engineered Sensor Matrix technology minimizes boot weight and provides direct energy transmission to the ski. Simple to enter. The use of softer plastic around the instep makes it easier to release the boot flap.

Product details:

  • Color: Black/Red
  • Size:30.5
  • Thing model number: RBI8150 000275
  • Department: Men's
  • Manufacturer: Rossignol


  • A soft flex is excellent for beginners.
  • A wide fit enables optimum comfort for wider foot shapes.
  • Suitable with GripWalk Sole.


  • The fit may be too large for some feet.
  • Advanced skiers might have a problem with the softer flex.

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4. NORDICA Women Cruise 75 W Boots

The Sportmachine 75 Ski Boot was developed with the purpose of working for skiers. Nordica strived to boost performance by supplying customizable convenience, paired with premium control as well as response.

The style of the 75 gives the boot forgiving elements while offering modern tech so you can turn on a dime with ease. Primaloft insulation keeps cold and also wetness outside of the boot, while the adjustable cuff forms to the contours of your leg to decrease exhaustion as well as optimize equilibrium. For those who look for the following degree of efficiency, the Sportmachine 75 will certainly aid you to get where you require it to be.

Product details:

  • Buckle: 4
  • Cuff: Bimat PP
  • Flex Index: 75 - Medium soft
  • Last: 102 mm
  • Liner: Precision Fit w/ Primaloft (Double Loop, Heat Ready)
  • Footprint: Precision Fit Primaloft


  • Adjustable cuff forms
  • Keep warm with Primaloft insulation
  • Reduce fatigue after a long period of skiing


  • A few sizes to choose
  • Not for advanced skiers

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5. Lange SX 70 Ski Boot - Women's

Lange SX 70 Ski Boot - Women's Navy Blue/yellow 22.5

Product details:

  • Buckle: Alu XL buckles - extra-long levers to ease the opening and closing of buckles.
  • Cuff: Polyolefin
  • Flex Index: 70 - Medium soft
  • Last: 102 mm
  • Liner: Thermo Liner 1 / Shin Control
  • Canting: +/- 1,5°
  • Soles: Mono-material pads


  • Women's specific Shin Control liner
  • Perfect for big feet
  • Affordable price
  • Thermo-formable design


  • A few sizes to choose
  • Not for advanced skiers

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6. Nordica Cruise Ship 90 Ski Boots 2022.

The Nordica Cruise is a superb ski boot selection if you are a beginner or on your method to coming to be an intermediate-skilled skier.

We currently covered the Nordica Cruise ship 60 in our newbie ski boot overview, in this guide we'll focus on the Nordica Cruise ship 90. It's the same model, but with a stiffer flex, so it's far better matched for those that are not full beginners however even more of an intermediate-skilled skier or a novice aiming to boost promptly.

Product details:

  • Color: Anthracite/Green/White|Size:27.5
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Department: Men's
  • Day First Available: August 13, 2019
  • Manufacturer: Nordica
  • ASIN: B0872G3569


  • Comfortable and also unwinded fit.
  • Good value for the cash.
  • Great build quality with clasps made from lightweight aluminum.
  • Best Fits a Wide Forefoot and High Calf Volume
  • Instep Volume Control
  • Dual Easy Entry Instep
  • Adjustable Cuff Profile.


  • Difficult to advance from intermediate to expert skier.
  • Not suitable for snow parks, backcountry, or difficult pistes.

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7. Nordica HF 110 Ski Boot Men's.

We've all obtained annoyed a time or 2 when placing on our ski boots. Currently, with the Nordica HF 110 Ski Boot, you can step in and also go, without even utilizing your hands. Hence, the "Hands-Free" name. Just step in as well as push down the monoblock clasp with your foot or your ski pole, as well as you're excellent to go! The double-axis pivot of this boot provides you with more lateral support, simpler switching, and also even more stability. Specs: Flex: 110 Flex Change: No Grasp Walk: Yes Buckles: One Forefoot Size: 102 Intended Use: All Hill.

The HF 110 has actually not only reanimated back access boots, yet Nordica has totally reworked the principle. In this case, HF means Hand Free-- obtaining the boots on and off is actually that easy.

Product details:

  • Thing version number: 050K1200
  • Department: Men's
  • Manufacturer: NORDICA
  • ASIN: B0855QHCLN.


  • Convenient with the monoblock buckle
  • The double axis pivot for lateral support
  • Many sizes 
  • Use for all-mountain


  • For expert only
  • The price is a bit high

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8. Peak HP Crestone Ski Boot Men's.

Pinnacle ski boots provide all the efficiency you require yet their one-of-a-kind style adds comfort as well as ease. The HP Crestone does not utilize a full plastic shell, instead, the open chassis building has an inflexible outer skeletal system that powers and also drives the skis, with a separate walkable boot that sits inside this framework. It utilizes three clips to protect the boot well as can be tuned to every skier using a flexible forward lean, 3 setting flex as well as twin cuff placement.

The liner makes use of a multi-density warmth mouldable foam that can be shaped too much better to fit the skier's foot. Basic but efficient twin Boa closure systems make sure great cover as well as an also pressure. The walkable boot has high-traction outsoles and will aid you to navigate the resort securely as well as conveniently.

Product details:

  • Item model number: CRESTONE
  • Department: Men's
  • Maker: APEX


  • Flexible walkable boot
  • Open Chassis Dual Zone Boa Closure
  • Adjustable Flex Arm for 95/105/115
  • All mountain performance


  • For mediate to expert only
  • High price

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9. Lange RX 80 W Low Volume Ski Boot - Women's

You'll be able to ski to your heart's content regardless of how long you're out on the slopes as long as you have these really comfortable ski boots that were made just for ladies by Lange and built for them. The RX 80 Low Volume Ski Boots from Lange are designed with a fit that is tailored specifically for women, the brand-new thermo-formable Shin Control lining from Lange, more room for your calves to assist in the removal of stress regions, and a Dual Core design for enhanced performance.

All of these features contribute to the RX 80 Low Volume Ski Boots' overall comfort and performance. The fact that these ski boots come equipped with all of these qualities makes them an outstanding option for skiers who are female.

Product details:

  • Buckle: Alu Race, WC Profil
  • Canting: +/- 1,5°
  • Flex Index: 80 
  • Soles: Mono-material pads / Grip Walk compatible
  • Last: 97 mm
  • Liner: Dual 3D Liner Pro / Thinsulate / Shin Control


  • Females' particular fit
  • Shin Control thermo-formable liner
  • Extra room to remove stress points
  • Very comfortable
  • Reasonable price


  • Only one size is available
  • Advanced women skiers need higher flex index
  • A bit narrow last

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10. Salomon S/Pro 120 Men's Ski Boots

Combining performance with convenience is difficult. The S/PRO 120 leads the cost of high-performing, precisely fitting boots with its easy step-in, seamless lining and comprehensive customisation. Salomon's S/Pro boots provide race-boot performance in a more comfortable and affordable package. The S/Pro HV is the collection's largest volume boot, so it's comfortable for skiers with wider feet and higher arcs. Salomon created this boot with a heat malleable coating, so you can heat up shape the complete boot once when you purchase it and remain comfortable all winter long.

The S/120 Pro's flex isn't the stiffest, but it delivers loads of control, even for heavier skiers on huge skis. Salomon developed the boot's fit and flex to deliver a controlled, pleasant ride. If you have smaller feet, a lower volume boot may fit better, but the S/Pro HV is one of the finest ski boots for wider feet. Salmon S/Pro has boots for skiers with smaller feet or who desire a different flex.

Product details:

  • Alpine Boot last: 100/106
  • Flex: 120
  • Bundle Dimensions: 17.72 x 14.17 x 9.45 inches; 1.76 Extra pounds
  • Item design number: L40873400
  • Department: Men's
  • Manufacturer: Salomon
  • ASIN: B07WZQ76PM.


  • Feeling amplifier
  • Seamless lining
  • Sensifit insert
  • My Customized Fit 3D smooth pro
  • Strong and supporting design


  • Not specific for any gender
  • Only for expert skiers

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How to break your Ski Boots?

To make your ski boots fit much better, you need to first use them in the house, placed them on while standing, as well as flex them to enable your feet to adjust to the boots. This will additionally help you make the needed changes, as well as will certainly provide you more time to bring them to a boot fitter if required.

1. Walk The House

The most reliable (and also easiest) way to barge in your ski boots is by taking them for a walk around your home. The goal is to get the boots to contouring to the shape of your feet, indicating if you use them for one to two hours each day, they'll fit flawlessly by the time you go winter sports.

To help the ski boots mold and mildew to the form of your feet, attempt mixing up the intensity of your stroll. The variety between typical walking and stomping; flexing your toes around from time to time. This could not be one of the comfiest experiences, yet it will absolutely help to guarantee the boots get utilized in your range of activities.

2. Wear a single pair of socks.

To keep your feet cozy and also completely dry, stick with one pair of slim wool or synthetic socks. Woolen, as well as synthetic, are durable products that wick away wetness (sweat). Attempt to prevent cotton socks since cotton absorbs moisture when you sweat as well as takes a long time to completely dry, leaving your feet damp and also chilly.

Ensure your socks are completely dry. To ensure they are entirely dry, put them on promptly prior to entering into your boots. When you put them on an hr or more before winter sports sweat builds making them not totally completely dry.

Some ski socks give extra padding at the shins to provide additional defense. See to it your socks are dry and also pulled all the way up so there aren't folds that bunch up as well as massage versus your legs and feet. Socks are the only apparel you ought to have in your ski boots; try when possible to maintain your long underwear out.

3. Get Used To The Lining

If the cellular lining in your ski boots is removable, take it out and also wear it without the covering of the boots. This will certainly additionally aid the cellular lining to mold and mildew to the form of your feet, ensuring that you are comforted in all the best places. As soon as you feel that the cellular lining is as equipped as it can be, place it back into your boot and repeat step one.

4. Work On Tightening The Boots

As soon as you're satisfied with the lining as well as have actually walked in the boots for quite some time, it's time to step the procedure up a notch. Tighten up the boots as much as you can (without triggering discomfort) as well as repeat action one, walking around the house at various intensities. As this starts to come to be uncomfortable, loosen the boots up and do the same workout. Proceed to duplicate this until the boots really feel all-natural to put on.

5. Use A Shoe Horn

If getting the footwear on is the greatest issue, aid from a ski boot shoe horn. Shoe horns slide behind the heel of your foot, assisting the boot to slide on even more easily. Shoe horns that are particularly made for ski boots are much longer as well as studier, making them the perfect associate for fast and also hassle-free insertion. Simply ensure that you don't utilize excessive force at this phase-- if you truly can't get your feet right into the boots, consider experimenting with a bigger size.

Tip 1

See to it your boots are entirely dry. If you do not dry them completely after a day of winter sports, the liners will certainly end up being sticky making it exceptionally hard to slide right into the boot.

Tip 2

Begin with a warm boot. It's specifically essential that the shell is cozy. This makes the shell product very soft and pliable. You complete this by several means. The best is to use a warmed boot bag. These are boot bags with an inner heating element that connects to a 110v household electrical outlet or a 12v automobile outlet. Warmed boot bags are the very best thing because cut bread and also they must have been designed when plastic ski boots were first developed. One more method is to obtain your boots on the flooring of the guest pole position near the heater as well as crank the heating system to full force.

Tip 3

When placing on your boots order the shell down short on each side of the tongue as well as spread out the plastic side to side as well as medially to create a larger opening for your foot. (Most skiers simply press the top of the tongue ahead. This does virtually nothing.) Likewise, make sure that the tongue of the boot is inside the lining after your foot is in the boot. This takes some technique as well as a little muscle yet is well worth finding out.

Tip 4

Provide your heel a tap on the ground to establish your heel back in the boot. From here, there has a tendency to be varying approaches on the order in which you bend up, base -up, or leading- down. I do not think it truly matters. On some boots, tightening up the power strap before buckling the upper 2 can make bending these 2 a little simpler.

Tip 5

Try some items that aid to place on ski boots simpler.

The first is an item of plastic called a Boot Horn. It is just an extra-large footwear horn for ski boots as well as makes sliding into your boot incredibly simple. The second item is a warmed boot bag. These bags make your boots cozy and entirely flexible. The last item is a spray lube that is created particularly for ski boots and also works quite possibly.


Q.  How to buy ski boots?

The most important thing when choosing ski boots is safety. In order to ensure this, you need to look for the Ski Boot Flex Index. This index shows the boot flexibility which is required differently for each level of skiers (from beginners to experts).

Soft flex

The flex index is normally below 85 for males as well as 75 for ladies.

Soft-flexing boots are generally comfy as well as cozy. They're commonly best if you're brand-new to the sporting activity or you've gone to it for a while however delight in snowboarding leisurely on groomed eco-friendly as well as blue runs. A soft flex does make it a little bit harder to regulate the ski; go a step up if you anticipate advancing promptly.

Medium flex

Flex index ranges from concerning 90 -110 for males and also 80 - 95 for women.

Medium-flex boots are tailored to intermediate skiers and deliver raised responsiveness for boosted turn-carving skills as well as higher rates. They're excellent for those that can conveniently ski blues and less complicated black runs as well as prepare to tackle steeper terrain, moguls as well as ungroomed snow.

Stiff flex

The flex index is generally above 115 for men and also above 100 for ladies.

Stiff-flex boots are very responsive as well as created for those who ski with confidence, speed, and aggressiveness on the steepest and also most challenging terrain.

Some boots use attributes such as shock absorption for touchdown leaps or slamming bumps. The majority of advanced-level boots incorporate multi-density materials to make boots stiff in vital areas of energy transfer, but soft in other locations. Extremely rigid racing boots can be uncomfortably stiff for general use.

Q. What size ski boots do I need?

This page lists 2022's greatest wide ski boots. Consider these tips before purchasing huge ski boots.
Skiers don't know how boots should feel. Wide ski boots are common. Buying too-wide ski boots will make skiing difficult and cause long-term pain. Boots?

Front of boot for foot. Kick your foot into the boot's heel pocket. Flexing must provide pressure on the toes. Blood circulation requires toe mobility. Avoid foot or fifth fulfilled pressure. No heel sideways.

Ski boots should be tight, simple to put on, and have few stress areas. You know what to feel and require the best ski boots for large feet.

Q. Extending the boot.

The ski boots on this listing are made to fit well for those of you that have wide feet. However, for some skiers, none of these boots will suffice. This is particularly true for people that have unusual foot shapes with lumps and bumps that create pressure even if the ski boot has a vast last. For those of you, the best way to obtain the ski boot to fit is to stretch the ski boot.

A lot of ski boots made for vast feet have a heat-moldable liner so you can mold it yourself to fit your foot much better. However, if that won't work, I would certainly suggest checking out a professional boot fitter to get your ski boot in just the ideal form for your foot.

Q. How long do ski boots last?

It depends, however normally ski boots will last between 50-200 full snowboarding days-- relying on the quality of the boot and also just how it's used (that's 2.5-- 10 years if you ski 20 days a year). Time and also utilize will weaken the materials, so there comes a factor when they don't separate easily from the bindings (safety and security concern), they provide no efficiency increase, and also the liners pack out-- then, it's time to repair or upgrade to a brand-new set.


The best ski boots for big feet are all large-fitting. These ski boots should be broad enough for an excellent, comfortable ski experience. If it's still too tight, a boot artist may reduce pressure spots.

I propose the Nordica Cruise ship 80 for beginners with large feet. Atomic Hawkx Magna is a fantastic all-around wide ski boot. Consider the Dalbello Panterra (Men's) and Apex Ml-3 (Women's) if you can afford the finest.

I hope you enjoyed this overview and found the perfect ski boot for many ski days ahead. Hey, mountain!

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