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Direct Activity Ghost Tactical Backpack

Any kind of severe searching enthusiast recognizes that challenging experiences need difficult gear. You want a sturdy tactical bag, you can quickly grab as well as go when points obtain untidy. The best definition of the Straight Action Ghost Tactical Backpack.

The fabulous tactical equipment comes fully packed with all the basics and also even deluxe of a premium hunting backpack. For instance, it is a functional bag that can be used both as a daily daypack or exterior tactical gear– your choice. It is nevertheless, at its ideal when encountering misuse from the unforgiving, wild nature.

To put this right into viewpoint, here’s a thorough check out the Direction Activity Ghost backpack. Take pleasure in it.

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Ghost Tactical Backpack

Direct Action Ghost Tactical Backpack 31 Liter Capacity
  • NEW DESIGN - Ghost Mk II have redesigned side pockets that are equipped with elastic for expansion. They also have the new Direct Action logo
  • HIGH END USER - Lightweight and versatile 3-day backpack designed for advanced Military & Law Enforcement operators
  • PATENTED DESIGN - Patented Combat Vent System provides increased comfort for their users during prolonged use. Also great for hiking and traveling
  • CAPABILITY - Unique laser cut MOLLE/PALS system is lowprofile, lightweight, snag-free and non-water absorbing
  • RUGGED DESIGN - Durable, water resistant coated Codura 500D fabric with multiple color/camo options for versatility. Kryptek, PenCott, Mulitcam are NIR(Near-infrared) treated; Helps prevent detection with night vision. ACCESSORIES NOT INCLUDED

Direct Activity Ghost Tactical Backpack Testimonial

Before diving right in, it deserves pointing out that this backpack is rather easy on the eye and you’ll likely really feel drawn to it from the get-go. It is perfectly created with wonderful appearances, top quality materials and costs finish. That stated, below are a few of the attributes to expect.

√.Bulletproof Product

As earlier pointed out, this is by far one of the most perfect knapsacks for significant “outdoor’ ers” and the reality that it boasts a bombproof 500 Denier Cordura material states it all. If you’ve been hiking or hunting for a while, opportunities are you’ve run into some quality concerns with your knapsacks. There’s absolutely nothing as aggravating as stuck zippers, ripped materials or snapped bands while out in the woods, right?

The Good News Is, Straight Action has you covered in this regard. As a tactical knapsack designed for aggressive searching applications. You can bet on it to handle any type of kind of misuse Mother Nature throws its way. There are numerous dangers included while out video gaming with friends and having a bulletproof knapsack with you does not injure.

√.Slim Profile, Lightweight Layout

Are you tired of the intimidating protrudes created at the back of a lot of backpacks when you fill them to the brim? Well, the Activity Ghost has this covered also! As earlier specified, the looks are purely extraordinary, yet who knew the taller, slimmer account it flaunts can likewise make your searching adventures worth the while? It is a lightweight beast innovatively crafted to disperse weight consistently and while at it, make your hunting expeditions less overwhelming.

The slim account likewise works as a rejuvenating adjustment from the rather conventional layout of most tactical backpacks swamping the market. Mentioning aesthetic appeals, you additionally get a one-of-a-kind camouflage pattern to help you maneuver the woods as a phantom. Broach a “tactical” bag.

√.Storage space

The Straight Activity Ghost features pockets for days– essentially. A couple of tactical knapsacks on the market can match the organizational storage space discovered on this gear. Unlike most bags which include a solitary, big backpack to fill your stuff in. This set sporting activities a wide variety of thoughtful pockets to stash all your searching basics.

If you usually appreciate loading your stuff in an organized style, this gear has plenty of neat knitted pockets almost everywhere.


Some tactical knapsacks can rapidly turn your hunting trip from a fun-filled video gaming expedition into a problem. The reason being the thin spaghetti bands that exert excellent pressure on your shoulders. Hereof, this tactical monster gets it right once more.

Fully designed straps; as well as the breathable, softback area and also waist belt intended at distributing the weight equally. If you are loading fantastic quantities of load for a, claim, three-day searching exploration, it will certainly do a wonderful work at avoiding back pains without leaving you drained.


The best function needs to be the sheer versatility that makes it adaptable for use in various circumstances. For example, it sports cutting-edge side compression straps that operate at lashing down outdoor camping tents or tarps if the need arises. Suitable bags meant at increasing your storage space capability.

ghost tactical backpack

  • All-natural feel with a relaxing touch and comfortable bands.
  • Detachable functions for boosted portability.
  • Solid, durable bombproof 500 Denier Cordura materials.
  • Webbing planned at hooking tiny products such as keys or a flashlight.
  • One-of-a-kind slim profile style with great camouflage patterns on the exterior.
  • Countless pockets and lots of organizational areas.
  • The countless spaces and crannies can make it a little complex.
  • A little costly contrasted to other tactical backpacks of its class.


  • Three-day tactical knapsack made for innovative searching applications.
  • 100% 500 denier Cordura materials, DWR covered.
  • Inconspicuous, special laser cut PALS/MOLLE system for a snag-free fit and also light-weight feeling.
  • Water-resistant, sturdy material with many camo/color alternatives for adaptability.
  • Patented Combat Vent System ® for improved comfort over expanded periods.
  • Near-Infrared dealt with the exterior with PenCott, Kryptek, and Multicam layout to assist alleviate detection with night vision 

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