What To Wear on Safari?

A safari is an essential element of a memorable holiday in South Africa. Make sure that you are packing appropriately to get of the most out of your journey

A safari is an essential element of a memorable holiday in South Africa. Make sure that you are packing appropriately to get of the most out of your journey. The experts at Africa Travel have been sending out individuals on African adventures for 30 years. They have shared their suggestions so that you recognize what to bring, what not to bring, and what to revive.

The type of clothing to tackle your safari holiday will depend on the moment of the year as well as what type of safari you are going on. However, there are some necessary pointers that are universal.

Packaging for safari is scientific research: You need to be prepared for altering temperature levels, high sunlight, and also a lot of dirt, as well as cocktail hour and also a dip in the swimming pool-- and also all of it needs to suit a soft-sided duffel with a stringent weight limit. We polled our resident specialists and also relied on experts for the things you'll want to have with you, whether you're remaining in a luxe tented camp on the Okavango Delta in Botswana or traversing the Sabi Sands video game reserve in South Africa. Keep in mind that the majority of safari outfitters will certainly provide vacationers with an itemized packing list, so consult your own about specifics (in addition to any kind of injections or medicines you could require) prior to you go

Getting There

Most safari camps are just accessible by small propeller airplanes, which don't permit hard-sided baggage. Load every little thing in soft duffels that can be easily tossed right into the rear of the aircraft or the back of a Land Rover (weight limitations are stringent, as well, so make sure you consult the outfitter prior to you go). Our advice: bring along some low-tech home entertainment as well as have your electronic camera convenient for the sights. Go Pro's Hero 7 has integrated technology to help keep any type of video footage you shoot looking consistent, making it perfect for tough times.

The ultimate packing listing for Africa

The ideal means to get near the wildlife is to assimilate with your surroundings as high as feasible by going neutral. Put on eco-friendlies, browns, and also khakis so as not to draw in unneeded focus. For South Africa, khaki is the suggested color

Light-weight, breathable textiles minimize noise when walking. Layers are a wonderful way to pack light however stay cozy. Temperatures can be amazing on morning video game drives, hot in the afternoon as well as cold at night. Layers enable you to remove clothes to make your own comfort as temperatures rise and fall

  • Airy, long-sleeved t-shirts with a collar will certainly maintain the sunlight off your arms and neck
  • Combat trousers are best with a lot of pockets to store your camera, sunblock, and binoculars
  • A light jacket or fleece is great for an additional layer of heat in case you require it. Fleece is great because it dries swiftly too
  • Comfortable fitness instructors are appropriate for many safaris, also walking safaris. You can anticipate climbing up in and out of the safari vehicle regularly and also some light walking in the bush
  •  Hats are a great method to safeguard your head and face from the sunlight in an open-top safari automobile as well as they have actually the added benefit of minimizing glow for far better video game viewing
  • Sunglasses ought to be worn to block out damaging rays and also polarised glasses will certainly cut through the glare to make sure you do not miss out on a thing
  • Don't neglect to bring a bikini if your lodge has a swimming pool
  • For your night meal, light colors are recommended so as not to attract insects. Bed linen pants are an excellent way to look wise, stay awesome, and prevent insect bites

The Essential Gear

Many high-end safari lodges will supply visitors with binoculars, but they're the one thing you'll definitely intend to have on game drives and walking safaris. You'll likewise require a fantastic quality set of sunglasses with polarized lenses, plenty of additional memory sticks for your video camera, and also a bandanna that you can dip in water and wrap around your neck if you fume while out as well as around. One unanticipated idea we obtained from an expert? Bring bubble wrap to safeguard any new souvenirs you grab (particularly helpful when you're packing every little thing in a soft duffel!), as well as utilize your extra layers like a comfy scarf to assist maintain anything vulnerable snug, and cushy on the trip house

What to wear on Safari

When determining what to plan for a trip to Africa, as well as specifically when thinking of what to wear when hunting, there are a couple of points to keep in mind. My general pointer, which I really apply whenever I need to load wherever I take a trip, is to pick things that can be quickly combined and also created in shade, to develop out a number of outfits that match just certain points and with the ideal accessories, which can be utilized as day or evening dress.


Both males and females can look fashionable on a safari, as well as yet stay comfy. The primary suggestion I have on what to put on for safari is to choose clothing that is breathable, neutral, and can adapt to the altering temperature levels throughout the day.

One more thing to take into consideration is that safaris hardly include any kind of exercise-- a lot of the day is invested in being in the cars and trucks, searching for animals. Yet, hopping on and off the jeep for the periodic bush stop, or extending the legs, requires comfortable clothes. Maintain this in mind when considering what to wear on an African safari.


Something to remember when choosing what to endure safari is that driving around the shrub throughout the day in an open car and truck, one is bound to obtain covered in dust. T-shirts, pants, and also whatever else one might be putting on are bound to obtain filthily. Besides, Namibia is mainly a desert and also the bush of Botswana is also mostly sandy.

Yet, particularly if outdoor camping in Botswana, and also much more so when in Namibia, there are no laundry centers. Therefore, when choosing what to wear on a safari in Africa, keep in mind to bring products that can be conveniently hand-washed and that are fast and completely dry. Cotton is without a doubt the most effective product, in addition to the technological one that dries quickly.


There is a usual mistaken belief that every one of Africa is warm, otherwise also hot, throughout the day and night, and year-round. Absolutely nothing could be farther from reality. I understood this on my initial day on a safari, where, after a complete afternoon admiring wild animals in Botswana, the temperature levels started dropping as soon as the sun started to establish. This is an essential variable when choosing what to wear on safari.

Keep in mind that video game drives are usually timed to adhere to the lifestyle of animals. This indicates that the common safari will certainly have two video game drives each day: one starting not long after sunup before the pets find a hiding spot from the afternoon heat; and also one in the late afternoon-- with some exclusive gamebooks enabling drives to linger on the night. Thus, when determining what to endure safari, it is important to wear layers.

A great packing checklist for Africa will consist of a lot of cotton shirts to use throughout the day, a few sweaters, and a light coat to wear in the morning hours and also in the evenings. I additionally suggest bringing a scarf, a hat and also gloves.


I like brilliant colors, yet when deciding what to put on for safari, I needed to set my individual taste aside. When on a video game drive, it is very important to blend in with the shrub as long as possible. It is advised to wear neutral colors, such as khaki, beige, taupe, or grey. Black and also dark blue is thought to bring in the African tse flies, whereas predators recognize red with wounded pets. With the amount of dirt in the shrub, white is rarely advised as it obtains filthy very easily.


Selecting what to wear on safari does not indicate being a fashion target or mocking Maryl Streep in Out of Africa. But being dressed for the celebration (whereby I imply fitting, fresh throughout the day as well as warm in the evening) is essential.

Miscellaneous stuff

  • A huge fast dry towel.
  • A torch or headlight for when it gets dark at campsites.
  • Sunglasses. I have been using the same pair for (I think) 10 years. I have actually discovered a version that actually suits my face and I have actually been obtaining substitute lenses whenever I need to alter the damaged ones. I am a substantial follower of this means of conserving a little bit of our threatened atmosphere!
  • A plug adaptor
  • A power financial institution.
  • A hot water container, if camping.
  • A heavy-duty resting bag as well as a liner-- if going on an outdoor camping trip.
  • A blowup cushion, likewise if taking place a camping journey.
  • Clothesline as well as clothespins for laundry.
  • A little bit of washing cleaning agent
  • A canteen and a water filter, to stay clear of buying bottled water.
  •  A flask, to maintain drinks either hot or chilly.
  • Earplugs, for there might be a person that snores around!

Camera equipment

Firstly, bear in mind that a safari is a digital photography extravaganza type of journey. I don't assume I have ever taken as many pictures on any provided day as I did when I remained in Africa. Any packing listing for Africa has to include an excellent DSLR electronic camera-- sorry, but not also the most effective small cam will do here!

Below's what my packaging listing for Africa included in regards to photography equipment:

  • Nikon D3300-- I locate it rather easy to use and I took some remarkable photos with it.
  • 70/ 300 mm lens-- it's the minimum I suggest, it reaches quite far for fantastic wildlife photography
  • 24/ 70 mm lens-- for all-around images.
  • 10/ 20 mm lens-- for vast-angle digital photography. This is fantastic to record animals and also landscape during excellent migrations.
  • An extra battery as well as added SD and also CF cards and also a budget to keep the flash memory card organized-- the last point I'd want after such an intense photo experience is losing my cards for not having maintained them saved in a great location!
  • A cleansing package-- to keep my lenses clean.
  • iPhone-- I used it to take short spontaneous video clips.
  • Vrikoo cam vintage purse-- I love all its pockets and also areas for the cam and also the lenses.
  • A set of binoculars-- perfect to spot wild animals even when it is hiding in the shrub.

The bag

Selecting the ideal bag for a journey-- any type of trip-- is very important. The bright side is that a safari isn't a tough kind of trip in regards to the amount of strolling and also lugging around bags there is to do, whether on a deluxe safari where butlers are going to take care of the baggage or on a budget plan one where the range in between the vehicle and the outdoor tents is extremely limited.

The one point to remember, however, when it comes to a budget plan adventure safari like the one I carried out in Namibia, is the size of the tent. The last thing one wants is to have a bag that is so large to the point that it does not suit the tent, especially when this is shared with somebody else.

Consequently, when thinking about a packaging checklist for Africa, ensure to restrict the number of points to bring, and also keep the weight and quantity to a minimum. Loading wisely is the way to go.

I don't recommend a difficult suitcase, as this set uses up way too much area and it is frequently as well heavy (something that has to be considered also on deluxe hunting journeys where there are periodic trips on board. fly tiny to relocate from reserve game to video game).

Day bundle

A good day is basic in any journey. This is where I typically carry things like documents as well as anything I might need during the day, such as treats, water, paper towels, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, and also add layers of apparel. required when the temperature drops at the end of the day.

Keeping everything arranged

Loading smartly suggests understanding where every little thing remains in a bag, as well as saving products to ensure that they can be discovered quickly. Quite essential when in Africa, specifically if the room in a camping tent is limited as well as there is not much time to choose what to wear on safari.

Here's what I advise using:

  • Packing cubes-- they help to maintain clothing organized either by shade, apparel type, and even clothing. They are ideal for easily finding what to wear for a safari.
  • Dry bags-- to be honest, I locate that huge Ziploc bags work whenever I am traveling with my Osprey backpack. They take also much less space than loading dice.
  • An excellent toiletry bag-- I like those that have numerous pockets and also zips and that can be quickly hung.
  • Another tiny bag-- I always have an extra purse where I maintain any type of medication (prescription or emergency) I might require during the trip.

Have you ever before been to Africa? Do you have any kind of additional suggestions on what to wear on safari? Anything to include in this packing list for Africa?

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