Survival Gear Checklist for Your Next Camping Trip

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Can you think of a person who doesn’t enjoy the wilderness? This is a no-brainer — everyone does. An escape to the outdoors can be a really good outlet for those who have been busy with work and other obligations on the daily. This is also a great way to catch up and bond with family and friends.

The excitement in preparing a trip can be overwhelming, so it is essential that you plan things out before heading to it. Planning is critical in camping trips because there is nothing more inconvenient and risky than not having the proper nuts and bolts for your venture.

Most camping trips are enjoyed when you have everything you need. What good is a camping trip when you spend most of the time bickering and feeling frustrated because of the inconvenience of not having the right camping tools and equipment with you? So to make sure you are geared with all the things you need for your next camping trip, here is a checklist of the things you need to survive.

Your Survival Camping Checklist

Camping Tents

There is nothing more frustrating than having to sleep in a rocky and uncomfortable bed. Sometimes, having a sleeping bag is not enough. Just imagine a night spent camping and the rain suddenly pours. A camping tent is an essential travel gear because it gives you the shelter you need.

While the thought of carrying a tent on your back can be daunting, there are a lot of models that are lightweight and small. Most tents these days are made with the best materials that are weatherproof. Thanks to technology, tents now offer better protection and provide premium comfort.

Camping Tent Pads

Also known as a tent footprint, this is designed to be placed on the ground before setting up a tent. This provides added protection by being a barrier between the tent and the ground. This is essential as it prevents tear and holes from developing in your tent. If you are to camp on the ground, having a camping tent pad will be more comfortable as it prevents the ground’s moisture from seeping into your tent.

Sleeping Bags

If you like investing on tents, you should invest more on the sleeping bag you are to use. Go for one that offers the best cushion and protection from the surface of the ground. There are a lot of models that

offer a well-cushioned, comfortable and warm stay. Plus, most of the new models come in a compact and lightweight form.

Lighters and Matches

While there are lamps and igniters available for use, we should invest on the basics – matches and lighters. These can be used to provide lighting and fire for cooking and other important tasks. This can also come in handy in case you have emergencies where you have to light fires to send signals for help.

Water and Water Filtration Systems

Water is vital for camping trips because hydration is important to keep us functioning the entire time. It will also be useful to have water filtration systems ready. These are necessary in case you camp in grounds that have no reliable water sources. By simply putting water in this device, you get filtered water that is safe and potable. The best part about it is that these come in portable forms, you can easily carry one on your backpack.

A Reliable Knife

This is an important tool that can come in handy during camping trips. With a knife, you can handle food, sharpen edges, peel off wood, or slice through just about anything. There are a lot of things that you can do with a knife. This can be useful for emergencies and keeping you safe in case of animal breeches.


If you are to camp in warm and hot places, you may think bringing a blanket is not necessary. However, weather conditions cannot be controlled. In case of sudden rain or snow, you will need blankets to keep warm and dry. In case you do not need a blanket, you can always use this as a cover or a pillow. Get one that is lightweight, thin and provides effective insulation.


People can always go for flashlights, but headlamps prove to be more effective and convenient. This gives ample lighting for setting up and setting in at night. This can be hung and placed on a simple area. Unlike a flashlight that needs to be held, this one can be situated in a certain area while you do other things with your two hands. The good thing about this is that you can also use this at home.

First Aid Kits

Bad things happen in the most unexpected time. These accidents can either be minor or major, but the thing that matters is how it is treated. If medical emergencies happen, it is critical that we have all the essentials to treat it. If you have no idea what to put in your first aid kits, you can start with bandages, sterile wipes, pain killers, tweezers, scissors, hand sanitizers, antiseptic ointments, allergy medicines and more. Feel free to add as necessary and make sure to get medications ready in case you are to go camp with anyone with an existing health condition.


It all comes down to this, camping essentials play an important part in keeping you safe and satisfied. Camping is often done away from your home, so you have to make sure that you bring all the important things you need to survive days or nights from it.

Each one has a personal preference, while this list provides most of the basic things you need in your survival camping kit, do remember that you can always add items according to your needs. Equip yourself with the essentials to make the most out of your camping venture.

Your escape in the wilderness should always be fun and enjoyable. So take away all the stress and possible frustrations in your next trip by being prepared well. Your gear impacts your enjoyment and safety throughout the entire trip.

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