40 Survival Foods with Long Shelf Life – Emergency Food you Need

Survival Foods with Long Shelf Life

  • So you are thinking about off-roading, tent camping or backpacking trips? And thought about survival foods with long shelf life for those out camping? Any thoughts about storing foods in the event of a catastrophic emergency?
  • Oh!! You don’t need to be panic.  You have to invest or prepare before the actual emergency is broadcast. When you are packing for earth quack, hurricane or any major disaster, it is very crucial to have the food packed along with other life help hacks.

. Survival food kits are essential until you ensure your stable sources of food.

10 best emergency food kits

10 best emergency food kits
  • Are you prepared for the worst? When emergency strikes, what you need most for survive? No doubt, emergency food kits are the most essential survival items, when disaster arrives or on a long journey. Let’s discover the 10 best emergency food kits

1.Mountain House Classic Bucket

mountain house classic bucket review

  • You are thinking of long-term food storage that is easily portable and have great taste.
  • Then mountain house classic bucket is the best choice and contains 12 total meals which are only 1lb in weight and that can feed a person for 3. 5 days.
  • No wonder, mountain house is the best freeze-dried food that has noodles & chicken, rice and pasta items. But the amount of protein is less, their foods are mostly the types of carbohydrates.

2.Augason Farms 30-Day Emergency Food Storage Supply

Augason Farms 30-Day Emergency Food Storage Supply 29 lb

  • The Augason Farms 30-Day Emergency Food includes 307 total servings of 7G Pail packs in an easily transportable, watertight 7-gallon pail.
  • This long-term freeze-dried and dehydrated meal solutions do not even lose their flavor and taste for many years. Moreover, they are easy to prepare and also full of nutritious (1,822 calories per day). It has an extended shelf life for disaster. You can also use the buckets for storage.

3.O.S. Rations 3.Emergency 3600 Calorie Food Bar

S.O.S. Rations Emergency 3600 Calorie Food Bar

  • Designed to sustain life in emergency situations and of course, It's a calorie food.
  • Non-thirst provoking formula offers the most extreme survival limit with drinking water limitation under every ecological condition.
  • S.O.S. Rations Emergency 3600 Calorie Food rations are US Coast guard approved and It has a 5-year shelf life (net wt. 1.60lbs (756G)) under any climatic condition which is made in the USA.
  • Each package contains 9 delicious bars providing 410 calories per bar totaling over 3600 calories per package. Yes, it is the best disaster foods on the market because the taste is the same for both cold and hot weather.

4.MREs (Meals Ready-to-Eat) Genuine U.S. Military Surplus

MREs (Meals Ready-to-Eat) Genuine U.S. Military Surplus

  • MREs Genuine U.S. Military Surplus perfect for off-road, camping, hiking, fishing, boating, and of course for emergency food supply. Each package contains nutrition with an average of 1250 calories per meal.
  • They can be selected at random and with all different kinds with great taste. If you store at the range of 75° F or less then its shelf life will extend up to 5 years. Per pack serves with average 1250 calories per meal.

5. Legacy Emergency Food Ultimate Sample Pack - Survival Supply

Legacy Emergency Food Ultimate Sample Pack - Survival Supply

  • The legacy emergency pack has the largest serving size which provides 40,836 Total Calories - 31 lbs - 183 times large that are 1.5 to 2 times larger than competing packages in the emergency food supply industry.
  • It is 100% Certified GMO Free food and also it has the longest shelf life – 25-year!!! Legacy Package includes 4 different breakfast options and 19 lunch/dinner entrees.
  •  You can use it for long term emergency preparations for Hiking, Backpacking, and Camping.

6.Mountain House 3-Day Emergency Food Supply Kit

Mountain House 3-Day Emergency Food Supply Kit

  • Mountain House 3-Day Emergency Food Supply Kit provides 20 total servings (per day-1,650 calories) and has 30 Years Taste Guarantee. This budget-oriented emergency food supply includes 9 total pouches.
  • It has a reasonable price and moreover, you can customize. Multi-day kits facility provides for 7-day combined with 3-day and 4-day supply.
  • This recipe offers the most extreme survival limit with drinking water limitation under every ecological condition.

7.Wise Company Emergency Freeze Dried Entrees - 120 Servings

Wise Company Emergency Freeze Dried Entrees - 120 Servings

  • No wonder, emergency Freeze Dried Entrees survival food includes Grab-and-go options that can be easily transported in an emergency case. This company claims that they provide less sodium and trans fat.
  • It is purpose-oriented and this emergency provides quick, tasty, easy meals. Total of 26,400 calories, at a cost of 139 calories for every dollar. There's a great variety of 120 different entrees of different taste.

8.Survival Tabs 8-Day Food Supply 96 Tabs Emergency

Survival Tabs 8-Day Food Supply 96 Tabs Emergency

  • The best ever survival food, because it contains 15 essential vitamins & minerals (100%). It provides the good and best quality protein which is gluten-free and non-GMO. Uncertainty disaster can happen any time anywhere.
  • This survival food can be carried easily with any time into your backpack because it has a small volume of a portion.  Small packet design allows for easy storage and is perfect for individual emergency kits. Survival Tabs 8-Day Food Supply has 96 Tabs Emergency Food.

9.MRE (Meals Ready-to-Eat Box A, Genuine U.S. Military Surplus

MRE (Meals Ready-to-Eat Box A, Genuine U.S. Military Surplus, Menus 1-12 by Rothco

  • It is one of the best combo packages that pack with extra coffee or beverage powder, matches, seasonings, gum, wet wipe, tissue. Moreover, it includes water-activated flameless ration heaters. You just need little water to activate the chemical heater.
  • Each meal contains some treats alongside the main course. Per meal, it contains 1250 calories (nutrition value) per meal. And also it is portable easily because it weighs only 21 lbs.

10.Mountain House Breakfast Skillet

Mountain House Breakfast Skillet

  • You'd be surprised when you see how mountain house breakfast skillet serves healthy breakfast. These are also quick to prepare. Mountain house breakfast skillet not only tasty but also give you a homely food flavor.

Best Specialist Emergency Food Kits

Best Specialist Emergency Food Kits
  • If you stick to a specific eating regimen, then prepare your emergency food kits that fulfill your taste and demand and also meet your specific prerequisites.
  • The awesome news is that there are presently a ton of emergency food kits suppliers within reach with regards to survival sustenance units.
  • Our next point will be discussed on best specialist emergency food kits 

1.Vegetarian Emergency Food Kit

Vegetarian Emergency Food Kit

  • This is free from all kind of preservatives and also the company claims that it has no additive to life the products. Vegetarian Emergency Food Kit is also non-GMO and free from gluten.  It has moreover 70 servings of veggies, beans, and lentils.
  •  No preparation is required except adding water then cook for a while and season to taste. The packaging mostly offers beans and lentils which are rich in protein.

2 .NorthWest Fork Gluten-Free 30 Day Emergency Food Supply

NorthWest Fork Gluten-Free 30 Day Emergency Food Supply

  • Gluten Free Emergency Food Kit bags come with re-sealable and stand up features. A total of six 15 serving sized meals mostly provides oatmeal, soup, stew. This kit mostly helpful for Vegan and vegetarians.
  • Nut and oats are cleaned thoroughly, lightly roasted, steamed and flaked. Beans are packaged with precooked options make them dehydrated. Gluten Free Emergency Food Kit supply is Kosher, Gluten, Dairy, Nut & GMO-free.

3. Low Level Sodium Storage Meals - 25 Year Shelf Life Supply

Low Level Sodium Storage Meals - 25 Year Shelf Life Supply

  • It is 100% Certified GMO Free emergency food kit that is made in the USA. The company claims that it contains less than 30% of the daily recommended value of sodium. Moreover, this food kit has no cholesterol, no trans fat, and additionally, these are a good source of fiber.

. Tips for Selecting an Emergency Food

  • It would be a wise decision to select foods that require no refrigeration, no preparation or no cooking. In the worst days of an emergency, you should select survival emergency food that is mostly compact and lightweight.
  •  Let’s go through on all the tips to select the emergency food.

. Ingredients

  • Ready-to-eat canned meats, dried fruits, and nuts, dry cereal or granola, noodles and pasta, canned juice are foods that will last a long time at room temperature without spoiling.

. Calorie

  • Most human beings need 1800 to 2000 calories per day or more. Low fat and low carb would be the least option to choose. Which company serving more per meal just pay attention to it.

. Price

  • What number of servings are in each pack and what amount would you like to pay? What would you take the decision to buy-  4-serving pouches or just 2 servings?

. Method of cooking

  • Most of the survival food companies sell their meal in pouches. Some company add extra pack for the heating source or have the facility to pour hot water on the meal.

. Taste

  • Those companies who offer a free sample on occasion or in any sale then you take the advantage to taste the meal. You can also buy one or two pouches but, it is true that hunger is the best sauce. In a catastrophic condition, your brain needs vitamin and nutrients, not the taste.

. Weight

  • It would be wise if you choose light and easily portable meal kits.

. Optimal storage conditions

  • Does your high-quality food last long with optimal storage conditions? Most of the company’s survival foods shelf life extending from 2 years to 30 years. Shelf life is attained between 40 degrees and 52 degrees.

. Best long term food Storage Company

  • On a national emergency of any kind, what would you worried about? How to stay active and be cool in that position. There are lots of company out there to help you out. They provide long term food storage options.
  • Let’s take a look

. Mountain House survival food

  • They are especially specialized and pioneer in freeze-dried foods. Mountain house survival food kits and buckets are suitable for all climates & adventures. Mountain House is considered as one of the favorite brands for adventures, emergency catastrophic and survival.
  • The United States Special Forces consume their survival food in any unwanted situation. Their headquarter is in Oregon, just south of Portland.

. Wise food storage

  • The Wise Food Storage sells lightweight affordable as well as long term survival food and emergency food kits. Wise Company provides easy going and affordable ready-made freeze dry and dehydrated food for emergency and outdoor use. Their headquarter is in California.

. Valley food storage

  • You would appreciate the valley food storage option because of its healthy options. Have good consumer review according to food prices, qualities, services.
  • Eliminate all the unhealthy preservatives, hydrogenated oils, they also vastly work on taste and long shelf life. They valued their customers most and effort individual ingredients to confirm quality.

. Costco survival food

  • The Costco offers a wide variety of survival practical kits to keep you alive or survive. Costco offers free samples of cake, food court pizza, sale, and discounts and cornered on a lot of things.
  • The Emergency Food ARK provides a one-month supply of tasty breakfast, lunch and dinner options

. Legacy food storage

  •  Legacy food storage offers the most minimal food cost per calorie and their Legacy Premium MEGA Sample Pack is a 183 serving complete package

. Augason farms

  • Augason Farms is another prominent emergency food storage company. The Augason Farms provides emergency survival gear and water storage. Augason Farms company that was started in 1972 Phil Augason. Their engineered meal bags are safe, tasty and nutritious to eat for up to 25 years.

. Honeyville

  • Since 1951 Honeyville Farms has been offering emergency food kits foods for long term storage. Honeyville is popular in baking ingredients. Honeyville has a great extent of products diversity.
  • It includes freeze-dried and dehydrated foods, canned foods, corn products, flours, baking ingredients, and whole grains.

. SOS Food Lab

  • SOS Food Lab founded in 1984, in North America (first manufacturer of food rations). Their manufacturing department and distribution centers mostly situated on the east & west coasts of the United States. And also they have 200+ distributors worldwide.

. 40 Foods with the Longest Shelf Life

40 Foods with the Longest Shelf Life

  • Most of the disaster occurs without any notice or without warning, and when disaster strike most people has no option to choose an option. But at least you can get prepared to preserve food. But what foods give you more energy that you want to store for survival.
  • Let’s explain:


  •  Canned fruits and vegetables are mostly on preservatives. So, canned products mixed fruit, apple juice, Orange juice last for at least one to two years.


  • Dried fruits like raisins, figs, apricots, peaches, dates, prunes, apples and pears dried peel is very nutritious. Moreover, dried fruits also contain a lot of sugar and calories.


  • The white rice is great for survival and disaster. White rice is very cheap and can store easily. White rice is available and will last for years

. BEANS (Canned and Dried)

  • The Beans are called classic survival food after rice. Beans have rich proteins and can be stored in bulk, Black beans, lentils, Garbanzo Beans, Kidney Beans, Lima Beans, and Black-Eyed Peas.


  • Ramen is easy to prepare and DRY PASTA can last up to 2 years. Canned spaghetti is another long-lasting food.


  • The Canned vegetables are another kind of survival food which include Carrots, Mixed Vegetables, Corn, Green Beans, Tomatoes, peas, and Spaghetti Sauce.

. Grains and Starches and cereal

  • From cereals, you can get plenty of fiber and nutrients such as Cheerios or Rasin Brain. Flour is an easy mix of best survival foods.


  • You can store potatoes for very long like more than 1 year. You can also buy canned Hashbrown mix and Mashed potato mix.


  • Dried meat can be stored for 2 years long. Leaner meat without fat is the best option. You can also buy packaged freeze-dried meats which can guarantee a shelf life of up to 15 years.


  • Tuna, canned chicken, Spam, corn beef, canned ham have a shelf life of from 2 to 5 years. It is also a good option for non-vegetarian.


  • Best survival Food Company also offers powdered eggs which can also last for 15 years. It will mostly provide you the protein supply.


  • PEMMICAN can is another survival super food because it can last for 50 years. It contains high protein and energy because it is a mixer of berry powder and lean meat and animal fat.


  • PEANUT BUTTER is also a good source of high energy and can store up to 2 years in good condition.


  • Coconut oil can last from 2 to 5 years and Olive oil can last up to 2 years and ghee is another option that can last up to 2 years


  • If you store in a glass jar, it will store its value and quality indefinitely. But the glass jar should be kept unopened.


  • Corn syrup can be stored for a long time of period if it is stored in room temperature. The place must be dark if want to get the store for an indefinite time.


  • There are lots of verities in the market like- white, brown, cane, and powdered sugar, lactose which can be stored indefinitely.

. Honey

  • There is no doubt that honey is the healthiest and super food from all other food. But raw honey without any formation is the best choice.


  • Hard candies also be a good option and can also last for 1 to 2 years, But they should be stored in a dark location and dry climate.


  • Dry jello mix or unflavored gelatin could be stored indefinitely if it has a sealed option and never be open.


  • Pink Himalayan salt and sea salt are the best options from white salt. Try to keep the salt from moisture.


  • White and Apple Cider Vinegar has great nutritional properties. Store in a dark, cool place for longer life.


  • Dried herbs can last up to 3 years if you keep it in a dry dark and cool space. Spices can also last up to 4 years if it is unopened.


  • Bouillon can be found as a powdered form, can be stored for 10 years. But for this, you need a bag with oxygen and free from moisture.


  • keeps it in a dry place and in a dark place and of course free from moisture.


  • Instant and freeze or dried coffee are other energy drinks that can be kept up to 10 years longer.

. Milk powder

  • stored in a dry, cool place and again it needs to seal or unopened. Its life lasts for 2-3 years if it is free from oxygen.


  • COCOA POWDER and tea are considered the best energy drinks. So, these survival kits are helpful in your essential time.

. MRE’s food

  • A manufacturer like Mountain House, Legacy Company guarantee their more food to last up to 25-30 years. They offer a different variety of meals.


  • VANILLA EXTRACT has a great value of nutritional properties. Try to leave artificial extract and try to store pure vanilla extract.


  • Instant meals like canned sausage, Canned Soup, Hormel Meals are easy to use on emergency time.


  • During any kind of crises, easy food is the best solutions. Cookies and Crackers would be great food at that moment.

. Pickles

  • Pickle is a great source of energy and also it can be stored easily for a long time of period. But you should keep in a glass jar and make them free from moisture.

. Popcorn

  • Pop-corn is lightweight and cheap and also it last long for 2 to 3 years.100gm popcorn contains 375 calories.

. Ketchup

  • Ketchup is one kind of sauce which mostly used as a condiment. It is also one kind of nutrition resource.

. Jam/Jelly

  •  Fruits, vegetables, and sugar are the main ingredients, must be stored in glass jam jars if you want to store it for a long time of period.

. Mustard and salad dressing

  • Healthy salad dressing collection and mustard are also another great survival kits. Keep the jar unopened and place it in a dark room.

. Chocolate bar

  • The chocolate bar consists of carbs, fat, sugar, protein & many more. Every single bar has 210 calories. But you should keep it at a cool temperature.

. Protein bar

  • Low-sugar protein bars are healthy because protein bars are nutrition bars .these bars are combined with carbohydrates and fats.


  • Barley, quinoa, rye, and grits have 8 years shelf life. But the package must be sealed and free from moisture.

Growing your own food - Best Survival Seed Kits

Growing your own food - Best Survival Seed Kits
  • You want to grow our own food then it is also necessary to find out the best seed.
  • Survival seed bank guarantees a large variety of seed on hand in necessity. You can grow when you would like to. Seed kits can be useful in the form of food grown from your own backyard.

1. 15,000 Non-GMO Heirloom Vegetable Seeds Survival Garden 32 Variety

15,000 Non GMO Heirloom Vegetable Seeds Survival Garden 32 Variety

  • Survival Garden provides the best and excellent quality and has about 100% germination rate. Survival garden contains twice the amount of vegetable seeds versus competitors.
  • Their selection of vegetable seeds includes non-hybrid, Non-GMO, heirloom. They also provide full planting and seed harvesting instructions guide.

2.Heirloom Vegetable Seeds Non-GMO Survival Seed Kit 50 Varieties

Heirloom Vegetable Seeds Non GMO Survival Seed Kit

  • Re-Sealable bag with foil laminated design keep the moisture inside. The package is best for long term storage in the freezer. You don’t need to be worried about cultivation because you will get a guide for Planting, Storing and Sprouting. You will get a PDF Guide with FULL-COLOR pictures.

3.Survival Essentials 135 Variety Premium Heirloom

Survival Essentials 135 Variety Premium Heirloom Non Hybrid Non GMO Seed Bank

. Survival Essentials is considered the most comprehensive heirloom seed bank on the marketplace. They provide tomato heirloom seed varieties and a world-class guide for preserving of seed storage.

. They provide 23,330+ high-quality Heirloom Seeds plus all printable Nutritional Information. It is also a best seller on Amazon.

4.Heirloom Seed Bank with 55 Varieties of Vegetable Seeds

Heirloom Seed Bank with 55 Varieties of Vegetable seeds by Heirloom Futures

  • Heirloom seed bank provides 55 strains of vegetable seeds. It includes the suggestion of germination rates, test dates, seed counts, and the origin and over 15,000 seeds total. The packaging is attractive and ideal for long-term storage and it is also moister proof.
  • A catastrophic disaster like floods, hurricanes, and an earthquake can cause an immediate run on market crash, depression, and create social unrest. And disaster could happen without warning. It is so uncertain and you and your family might be cut off from your food.
  •  With this in mind, you need to store emergency Survival Foods with Long Shelf Life.
  • Non-perishable food and another canned bean, pasta, rice oats or meat can be considered as emergency food kits. A number of emergency food kits company offer long-term food storage that is easily portable and have great taste.
  • When stocking food, always keep considering calorie count, preparation, shelf-life, and of course portability.

You can refer to more: survivingguide.com