What Type of Bow is Best for Beginners?

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You are a newbie in archery and wondering what type of bow is the best for beginners? Your question will be answered in this article.We will provide you with some information about archery equipment and related things so that you can have a great start with this interesting sport.

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Archery Basics for Beginners

Archery is an art of using a bow to shoot arrows. In the past, archery was used to hunt and fight. But in modern life, people play archery as a sport for hobby or physical and morale health training. Archery brings many benefits to players.

First benefit is to strengthen body muscles. Drawing the bow and releasing arrows can help develop arms, chest, shoulders and back muscles like when we do weight lifting. To aim exactly on the target, you will improve the ability to keep balance.

Secondly, practicing archery requires a lot of focus and patience. By concentrating on the target, the player can avoid distracting details and have a nice shoot. The more you focus on the target, the bigger chance you can hit the target.

It can also help you to get rid of delay and distraction. These benefits not only in practice and competition but in other areas of life.

To learn archery, you first need to research for an instructor (or an instruction if you learn by yourself), equipment such as what type of bow is best for beginners, what type of archery you want to learn. And last but not least, an enthusiastic spirit so that you won’t get bored when you miss the target.

What essential equipment does a beginner archer need?

Archery is a sport that has a large number of variable equipment. But for beginners, you only need nine essential pieces of equipment.


There are 4 types of archery bow: recurve bow, longbow, compound and crossbow. Each type got their advantages and disadvantages. Our recommended bow for beginners is recurve bow. However, you can choose any one based on your reference.

Bow stand

This simply to hold your bow off the ground after you finish training.


Like bows, arrows also come in many types. People divide them into 4 types based on their material: wooden arrows, fiberglass arrows, aluminium arrows, carbon arrows, composite arrows.

You can choose your type of arrows based on your bow and your style of shooting. Besides, arrow spine, fletching, inserts, nocks, arrow tips and balance are also important parts to be considered before buying.

Make sure that the arrow is never too short with your bow. It can damage the bow, or worse, yourself.


It is an equipment to hold your arrows.

Arrow rest

Its use is to keep the arrows in the right position and support them until being released.


A target includes 4 components: a target face, straw boss, gold and target stand.

Bow stringer

This one helps you in string and unstring a bow. And for safety, you should learn to use it under the observation of an instructor


A bracer is an equipment you wear on your arms. It prevents your loose sleeves from entangling the bowstring, or prevents your arm from being hit by the bowstring.

Finger tab

Another equipment for your safety is the Finger tab. It protects your finger from being injured when drawing the bow.

best type of bow for beginners

Target Archery is best for beginners

When starting to learn archery, not only what type of bow is best for beginners should be considered, but there are also types of archery for you to choose.

Archery types: target archery, field archery, 3D archery, traditional, bowhunting. For each type, there are different rules and ways to play this sport. You will learn to shoot while running, hiking or riding a horse.

The best type for beginners is target archery which is the most common choice nowadays. For this type, any kind of bow can be used. The archer aims and shoots at a standing circular target at different distances. The distances are in the range of 18m to 90m depending on playing indoor or outdoor. Each archer can shoot 3 to 6 arrows within a limited time. Then, competitors walk to the target to score and retrieve the arrows.

Shooting at a stable target is a basic way to learn other archery styles. It is easy to find a place for Target Archery practicing either indoor or outdoor.

It is also an official discipline in the Olympic Game. If you want to be a professional athlete and attempt in the competition, this is the one for you.

Recurve Bow is best for beginners

There are so many types of bow, each has their own advantage. So why is a recurve bow the best bow for beginners?

Structure of the bow is the first reason. A Recurve bow simply means a bow that has curved limbs. The curved limbs help store more energy and then release a more power, faster and straighter arrow.

Some of them are called take down recurve bows because their parts are removable. This feature makes it easy to store, carry away and easier for maintenance. Archer can also update their take down recurve bow with better material or design.

Recurve bow is shorter and lighter. This would be a big plus when you have to run or ride on horseback while shooting.

Recurve bows have fewer parts than others, so that it will cost less for maintenance.

It has many draw weights so that beginners can choose the suitable bow for themself more easily.

Recurve bows are designed to be simplified. This will require more practice and technique of the user. But learning from the simplest is the best way to achieve something more challenging. For the bow simple design, the only allowed bow in the Olympic Game is recurve bow.

Recurve Bow: Who are the best manufacturers ?

In my opinion, my preferable list of brands are:

  1. Bear Archery
  2. Genesis Bow

I have written another articles to review my top 10 best compound bow for beginners. Please click to see in detail. 


Is archery a good workout?

The answer is yes. When playing archery, you use your muscle to aim at the target, keep the balance and stay focused on the target. And you also burn calories when walking to the target to retrieve the arrow.

Is Archery an expensive hobby?

Archery is not cheap, you will need to pay for the equipment. But depending on which equipment you choose, it can be affordable. There are many prices of bow for you to choose. And the equipment doesn’t need too much money on guarantee.

Can Archery be self taught?

Yes, there are many free lessons on the internet nowadays, such as videos, books. You can learn archery by yourself by following the instructions. But if you have any question, you should ask the couch or someone who has the expertise on their hand. Safety should always go first.

Is archery easy to learn?

Since you can learn archery yourself by watching videos or reading books, It is not that hard to learn. But this sport requires technique and time. You practice the technique correctly so that you can develop your skill or you won’t get yourself hurt.

To sum up!

We have given you some information about bow for beginners and some other relatives in this article. Archery is a sport that requires precise technique and several practices.That’s why choosing a suitable bow for yourself is really important. Our remediation for beginners is the recurve bow.

Learning target archery with a recurve bow would be a great start for beginners to learn the basic skills.

Hope you found an answer for yourself and have a great time playing this sport.

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