What Type of Bow is Best for Beginners?

You are new to archery and wondering what type of bow is best for a beginner. Your question will be answered in this article.

You are new to archery and wondering what type of bow is best for a beginner. Your question will be answered in this article. We will give you some information about archery equipment and related things to get you off to a good start with this exciting sport.

Archery basics for beginners

Archery is the art of using a bow to shoot arrows. In the past, archery was used for hunting and fighting. But in modern life, people play archery as a sport as a hobby or to exercise physical and moral health. Archery brings many benefits to players.

The first benefit is full-body muscle strengthening. Drawing bows and releasing arrows can help develop arm, chest, shoulder, and back muscles just like we do when we lift weights. To aim accurately, you will improve your balance.

Second, practicing archery requires concentration and patience. By focusing on the target, players can avoid distracting details and have beautiful shooting scenes. The more focused you are on the target, the greater the chance you can hit the target.

It can also help you get rid of delays and distractions. These benefits are not only in training and competition but also in other areas of life.

To learn archery, you first need to research an instructor (or guide if you're self-taught), equipment such as what type of bow is best for beginners, and what type of archery you want to learn. And last but not least is the spirit of enthusiasm so that you don't get bored when you miss the goal.

What equipment does a beginner archer need?

Archery is a sport that has a large number of variable devices. But for starters, you only need nine pieces of necessary equipment.


There are 4 types of archery bows: bow, longbow, double bow, and crossbow. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. Our recommended bow for beginners is the recurring bow. However, you can choose anyone based on your reference.

Bow holder

This is simply to keep your bow off the ground after you finish your practice session.


Like bows and arrows, arrows also have many types. People divide them into 4 types based on their material: wood arrows, fiberglass arrows, aluminum arrows, carbon arrows, and composite arrows.

You can choose the type of arrow based on your bow and shooting style. Besides, the arrow spine, spacer frame, insert, latch, arrowhead and balance are also important parts that need to be considered before buying.

Make sure the arrow is never too short with your bow. It can damage the bow, or worse, yourself.


It is a device to hold your arrow.

Rest arrow

Its function is to keep the arrows in place and support them until they are released.


The target consists of 4 components: target face, straw cover, gold, and target holder.


This helps you string and untie the bowstring. And to be safe, you should learn how to use it under the supervision of an instructor


A brace is a device you wear on your wrist. It prevents your loose sleeves from getting caught in the bowstring or prevents your arm from getting hit by the bowstring.

Finger tab

Another device for your safety is the Finger tab. It protects your fingers from getting hurt when drawing bows.

Target archery is best for beginners

When starting to learn archery, not only see which bow is best for beginners, but also the types of bows for you to choose from.

Types of archery: target archery, range archery, 3D archery, traditional, archery. With each type, there will be different rules and ways to play this sport. You will learn how to shoot while running, hiking, or riding.

The best type for beginners is target archery which is the most popular choice today. For this type, any type of bow can be used. Archers aim and shoot at a circular target standing at different distances. Distances range from 18m to 90m depending on indoor or outdoor play. Each archer can shoot 3 to 6 arrows in a limited time. Then the opponents walk to the goal to score points and grab the arrows.

Shooting at a steady target is the primary way to learn other archery styles. It is easy to find a place to practice Archery indoors or outdoors.

It is also an official discipline in the Olympics. If you want to become a professional athlete and put your best foot forward in competitions, this is the choice for you.

Recurve Bow is best for beginners

There are many types of bows, each with its own advantages. So why is the recurring bow the best bow for beginners?

The structure of the bow is the first reason. A Recurve bow is simply a bow with curved limbs. Curved limbs help to store more energy and then release a stronger, faster, and straighter arrow.

Some of them are called cyclical dismounts because their parts are removable. This feature makes it easier to store, carry, and easier to maintain. Archers can also periodically update their kills with better materials or designs.

The Recurve bow is shorter and lighter. This will be a big plus when you have to run or ride while shooting.

The regenerative bow has fewer parts than the others, so there is less maintenance cost.

It has many draw weights so that beginners can choose the bow that suits them more easily.

Periodic arcs are designed for simplicity. This will require more user practice and technique. But learning from the simplest things is the best way to achieve something more difficult. For the simple design of the bow, the only bow allowed in the Olympic Games was a repeating bow.

Recurve Bow: Who is the best producer?

In my opinion, my list of preferred brands is:

2. Bear archery
2. Genesis Bow

Frequently asked questions

Q. Is archery a good exercise?

The answer is yes. When you play archery, you use your muscles to aim, keep your balance and focus on the target. And you also burn calories walking to the target to get the arrow.

Q. Is archery an expensive hobby?

Archery is not cheap, you will need to pay for the equipment. But depending on the device you choose, it can be affordable. There are many bow prices for you to choose from. And the device doesn't need too much money to secure.

Q. Can archery be self-taught?

Yes, there are many free lessons on the internet today, such as videos, and books. You can teach yourself archery by following the instructions. But if you have questions, you should ask the coach operator or a professional about their workmanship. Safety must always come first.

Q. Is archery easy to learn?

Since you can teach yourself archery by watching videos or reading books, learning archery is not too difficult. But this sport requires technique and time. You practice the right technique so you can develop your skills otherwise you won't get injured.


We have given you some information about bows for beginners and some other relatives in this article. Archery is a sport that requires precise technique and some practice. Our remedy for beginners is the periodic bow.

Learning to target archery with periodic bows will be a great start for those just starting to learn the basics.

Hope you have found your answer and have a good time playing this sport.

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