Best Survival Backpack

On field trips, camping with family and friends. In addition to items such as tents, shoes, sleeping bags, wristbands, blankets, it is impossible not to mention that it is a survival backpack. Survival backpack is an essential item, it will contain all the necessary items for you.
A durable, comfortable backpack with enough space for you is the most important thing on a trip. But choose a backpack how is most appropriate and quality assurance. In this article, we will introduce you to the top 5 best products currently on the market.

1. Pans Military Expandable Travel Backpack Tactical


  • Pans Military Expandable Travel Backpack Tactical is a backpack with high quality. Durable design, waterproof is essential in the trip, keeping the items in the backpack always dry and safe.
  • The backpack strap is comfortable to use and you can adjust it to suit you. Weight can be easily distributed with the additional feature of the detachable belt.
  • The backpack has large storage space and can be compressed to 39 liters, or expanded to 64 liters. Comfortable storage space you can freely remove the necessary items when going on a picnic or camping.
  • Also, the backpack is designed with an outer mesh bag, suitable for you to insert water bottles or a small item. When carrying a backpack for too long and want to change you can fully carry it. The backpack handle is strong and well-tolerated.
  •  The large storage capacity of the backpack, suitable for long trips where you have to carry many items
  •  Waterproof sun properties
  •  The backpack is relatively heavy compared to other products.


2. Meway 42L Military Tactical Backpack Large Asault Pack Molle Outdoors Daypack


  • This backpack is designed with a Molle system, a transparent molle network for attaching a tactical bag and storing your by-products, in addition to a net cushion on the back for ventilation.
  • Assault backpack with two stitches, heavy zippers, and utility zippers. Side and front load compression system, breathable mesh padding area and shoulder strap for more comfortable carrying backpack.
  • The backpack has a large storage capacity of 42L so this tactical backpack is very suitable for long trips. The backpack can contain items for you to survive for 3 days under severe weather conditions.
  • The backpack is made of durable and strong fabric, and its waterproof ability helps you to have a perfect and safe trip for the contents of the backpack.
  • Besides it also receives negative reactions such as zips easily damaged. However, in terms of price, it is relatively good for many people.
  •  Can store up to 42L
  •  Made of durable, strong material
  •  Waterproof
  •  Maybe more prone to wear and tear than other products.

3. Reebow Gear Military Tactical Backpack


  • This is a backpack with quite large storage space and suitable for trips of about 3 days. On a picnic, camping or trekking it is a great choice.
  • Military backpack with hydration capability compatible with bladder hydration. It should be a suitable backpack for hiking or outdoor camping.
  • The back of the backpack is airy and padded with a shoulder strap. You will always feel comfortable when carrying the backpack on your shoulders and do not get hot during the move. The backpack also has a molle system so you can attach a few extra accessories for the trip.
  • The backpack is made of 600×600 density fabric and is water-resistant so it creates great durability for the backpack. Combined with double stitches and convenient zippers make it easy to use.
  •  Waterproof backpack, durable fabric
  •  Good cushioning and ventilation
  •  Good price
  •  Excludes bladder hydration.

4. Condor 3 Day Assault Pack


  • The Condor 3 Day Assault backpack is custom made with a body shoulder strap with integrated D-rings. Sternum and waistband straps increase operator comfort.
  • The backpack has a storage capacity of 50l so you can comfortably put the necessary items for the trip inside. Compatible with up to 2×3 liters
  • It is designed with 7 storage compartments, you will have more space to pack your equipment comfortably. The main compartment also contains an internal strap, to secure your items, and with two internal pockets to store additional items.
  • You can also carry a backpack as it is made with handles on the top and sides of the backpack. Also, the cushion on the waist and back so you will not need to worry too much about back pain.
  • With over 20 years of experience in designing outdoor tactical equipment, Condor provides the equipment needed for your travels as well as product quality.
  •  There are 7 compartments for storage
  •  Rear cushion with airflow technology.
  •  Production materials are not the most durable and the best.


5. Maxpediton Condor-II Backpack


  • The famous Condor-II backpack has a medium-sized design but the interior is surprisingly spacious. It can accommodate more than 1350inch blocks. You are free to stuff the essentials for the trip inside without worrying about being overloaded.
  • But what makes the Condor-II perfect is the design with more layers of Pals on the outside than any other Maxoedition backpack available.
  • Its load capacity can be significantly expanded by using the Tactile attachment strap to interact with a variety of bags.
  • Rugged design, this backpack also has military-grade nylon straps on the handle. Straps and attachment points, you can easily attach your devices to the outer parts of the backpack.
  • Constructed with 1000 denier nylon coatings and finished with a three-layer polyurethane coating to resist water, you can be assured that the backpack can withstand severe weather conditions.
  •  Spacious storage space
  •  Waterproof
  •  The material is durable and can withstand severe weather conditions
  •  Average size is a restriction
  •  Not enough to resist if used for a long time.
  • In all trips camping, backpacking, trekking, .. need a survival backpack to hold the necessary items for the trip. To choose a suitable and good quality survival backpack you should also note a few points before making a decision.
  • Durability: What material is it made from? What is the material like? Water-resistance is an important factor. Can a backpack against extreme weather conditions?
  • Adaptability: A survival, the backpack needs to be able to adapt well to any situation. Can backpacks attach different items to it? Is the number of compartments suitable for you with lots of items?
  • Storage capacity: How much can a backpack hold? If it’s a long trip that requires a backpack with large storage capacity, you need to keep this in mind.
  • Comfortable: Does the backpack create comfort for you? Like a strap, is the back cushion breathable?
  • That’s what you need to consider when deciding on which survival backpack to buy. Hopefully, the article shared above about the top 5 best backpacks will help you choose for yourself a desired survival backpack.
  • On all journeys, a survival backpack is required. An indispensable tool to save all for us to live in our long journey.

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