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Best Oil Lamps
  • Have you ever experienced a situation in which you found yourself without a suitable power source during a power cut and find yourself hitting objects here and there?
  • Or have you ever gone for camping and wanted to have a bright light in the dark nights? Or you might have thought that you want an elegant piece of decoration in your rooms that can be used in lighting?
  • If so, then your perfect solution is Best Oil Lamps.

# Best Selling Oil Lamps-Lanterns & Kit:


 What are Oil Lamps?

You might have seen oil lamps before in Hollywood movies or in old homes of your grandparents as oil lamps (Lanterns) were used before as the primary source of lighting before electricity.

After the electricity, oil lamps were replaced by this new source of lighting and they are rarely used now, but despite all that, oil lamps can be extremely useful both indoors and outdoors and in this article, we will give some information about them, let us start.

 Main Components of Oil Lamps

Oil lamps have different shapes, styles, and types, but there are six main components that are found in most lamps and they are: Wicks, Oil Tank, Collars, Burners, Globe (Chimney), Oil. Let us take a closer look at each of these parts.

Oil Lamps

Wick for oil lamp

wick for oil lamp

  • A wick is the part of a lamp that absorbs the oil and then transports it to the top of the burner of the lamp for combustion, most wicks are made of cotton,
  • Choosing a wick that properly fits in your lamp is extremely important in order to have the bright light that you want, so you should make sure to choose a wick with a suitable size and type for your lamp.
  • The wick should be long enough to reach the fuel, choosing a longer wick is appropriate as it helps to extend the life of the wick.

Oil Tank

  • The oil tank (Or Fount) is the lowest part of the lamp and in which the fuel of the lamp is put.

oil lamp collars

Oil lamp collars

A collar is a metal piece that is put on the oil tank to connect it with the burner, most collars are made of brass.

Oil lamp burners

oil lamp burner

The burner is a metal piece that is placed on the collar in order to connect it with the oil tank, so you have to make sure that there is a fit between the burner and the collar to avoid the occurrence of fire or the instability of the chimney which may fall and break into pieces.

The burner is the mechanism that works on mixing both the fuel and the air in order to get the desired flame, and it normally has a wick adjuster knob which is used to adjust the height of the wick, what helps to increase or decrease the size of the flame.

oil lamp Globe

Oil lamp globe (chimney)

Most oil lamps’ chimneys are made of glass, they are very important for the oil lamp in terms of function and decoration, the chimney protects the flame from external factors such as wind and air currents, it also reduces the possibility of the flame touching something else and results in fire, and with their several and distinctive shapes, chimneys can provide an elegant decoration for your rooms.


  • Oil is the fuel that enables the lamp to generate light, there are several types of oil that we will discuss later in a later section of the article.

Types Of Oil Lamps

Oil lamps take many forms starting from the old traditional style to reach newly designed lamps, but mainly in terms of usage, we can divide oil lamps into three categories: Table lamps, Wall lamps and finally Hanging lamps, let us take a closer look at each of them.

Table Lamps

Table Lamps

  • Table lamps can be put anywhere to provide light to do whatever you want to do, you can put it on the kitchen table, your office, your workbench, or even in your bedroom if you want to enjoy reading in its light before sleep.

Wall Lamps

Wall Lamps

  • Wall lamps can be mounted on any walls, what can provide you with a very effective solution to light your house during power cuts, by placing the lamps in appropriate locations, you can have light in all the rooms, a lot of wall lambs can be removed to be used as a freestanding lamp, wall lamps are connected with the holder either from its side, bottom or upper part.

Hanging Lamps

Hanging Lamps

  • Hanging lamps bring warmth and light to your evenings in any of your rooms, hanging lamps don’t need a table to stand on, you hang the oil lamp where you need it to enjoy that warm light that fills all areas of your room.

Types Of Oil For Lamps

  • Oil lamps allow for burning nearly all oils in them including vegetable oils, hemp oil, and olive oil, and choosing a certain natural oil comes after researching about whether the interaction of the lamp wick with that oil would generate enough oxygen for the lamp to work and you should always try to use the fuel that is recommended for your lamp, but let us talk about two of the most widely used lamps’ oil: Kerosene and Lamp oil.

K-1 Kerosene

  • Kerosene is widely used as a fuel for oil lamps and the main reasons for that are its availability and it cheap price, but despite its popularity, it is better to use kerosene in lamps that are used outdoors instead of those used indoors, because of the unpleasant odor that results from its usage as a fuel.
  1. The approved fuels for outdoor use only in lanterns and oil lamps are:
  2.  Kerosene purchases from a gas station
  3.  ColemanŸ Brand Kerosene Fuel
  4.  CrownŸ 1-K Fuel Grade Kerosene
  5. CrownÂź Citronella Torch and Lamp Fuel
  6. TikiÂź Brand Citronella Torch Fuel

Lamp Oil

  • Lamp oil is purified in order to make it burn clearer and not to cause the same amount of pollutants that are caused by kerosene and that makes it a better fuel to use for indoor lamps, but it is more expensive than the kerosene and it doesn’t generate the same level of brightness that the kerosene does.
  1. The approved fuels for indoor or outdoor use in lanterns and oil lamps are:
  2. Lamplight FarmsÂź Clear Medallion Brand Lamp Oil
  3. Lamplight Ultra-Pure Clear Lamp Oil
  4. Firefly Candle and Lamp Oil Ultra Clean Burning – Liquid Paraffin
  5. Firefly CLEAN Lamp Oil Clean Burning Paraffin Alternative
  • So with what we have said, determining the definitive best oil for lamps is not an easy task, because each of these fuel options whether the kerosene or the lamp oil has its advantages and drawbacks, so choosing the right oil for oil lamp depends on your preferences, the place where it would be used whether indoor or outdoor, and of course the oil lamp itself.

.How to use an Oil Lamp

How to use an Oil Lamp
  • Getting an oil lamp to be ready for use is not a hard thing to do, but it requires some care to avoid mistakes that might lead to unpleasant results, in order to light our lamp or oil lantern, we will do the following steps:-
  • Remove the globe and the burner and use a funnel to fill your oil tank with oil without splitting.
  • Make sure that the oil tank is at least half-full.
  • Cut the wick in the shape you want (Straight across/Curve/Cut into a point).
  • Make sure that the wick extends down into the oil, so it can perform its function of bringing up the oil to the top of the burner.
  • Make sure that the burner part is put properly on top of the fuel tank.
  • Use the wick adjuster knob till the wick sticks up a little above the burner.
  • Leave the wick soaked in the oil for a period, about 1 hour before lighting it, to be sure that you are burning the fuel, not the wick.
  • Light the wick and adjust it so that the flame is just above the burner.
  • Put the globe properly in its place and adjust the wick if the flame causes smoke in the globe.
  • Make sure that you put it in the place you want before it gets hot, to avoid the risk of it falling down.
  • To extinguish the oil lantern, you lower the wick and then just give the flame a blow in order to put it out.

. Making your own Oil Lamp

  •  In this section, we will show you how to make your own oil lamp in a simple way. First of all, you would need the following materials:
  • A jar to perform the role of the oil lamp (preferably a glass jar).
  • A metal jar lid that fits perfectly on the jar.
  • Cotton string.
  • Lamp oil (Preferable for indoor lamps) or Kerosene (Preferable for outdoor lamps).

. Now let me tell you how these materials can be used to make an oil lamp.

  • You would need to make a hole in the jar lid using a big nail, the hole should be done from the underside of the lid and not from its upside.
  • Stick the cotton string from the underside of the jar lid through its upside.
  • Make sure that the string is holding its position securely and that is the reason for making the hole from the underside, so we are able to press the little knobs to assert the position of the string.
  • Fill the jar with oil and close the lid.
  • Trim the string so it is just above the burner.

. And these were the steps you would need to do in order to make your own oil lamp.

5 Best Oil Lamps Reviews
  • Let us take a look at some of the best oil lamps that you can find in the market.
Coleman Premium Powerhouse Dual Fuel Lantern
  • Durable lantern for camping and outdoor use
  • Dual-Fuel technology lets you use Coleman Liquid Fuel or unleaded gasoline
  • All Season Strong technology for reliable operation in all weather conditions
  • Bail handle makes carrying and hanging the lantern easy
  • Adjustable control knob to dial in the perfect level of brightness

1. Coleman Premium Powerhouse Dual Fuel Lantern

Best Oil Lamps - Coleman Premium Powerhouse Dual Fuel Lantern

.Lamp details:

  •  Lamp Dimensions: 16.3 x 7.6 x 7.4 inches
  •  Lamp weight: 4.5 pounds.
  •  Manufacturer: Coleman

.Lamp information:

  •  Durable lantern for camping and outdoor use
  •  Dual-Fuel technology lets you use Coleman Liquid Fuel or unleaded gasoline
  •  All Season Strong technology for reliable operation in all weather conditions
  •  Bail handle makes carrying and hanging the lantern easy
  •  Adjustable control knob to dial in the perfect level of brightness

.Product description:

  • This durable camping lantern features a 2-mantle design that casts up to 800 lumens up to 72 feet away.
  • This lantern can be powered using either Coleman Liquid Fuel or unleaded gasoline due to its versatile Dual Fuel technology.
  • This outdoor lantern lasts up to 5 hours on high or 20 hours on low with 2.5 pints of fuel.
  • It comes with 2 String Tie #21 mantles and a filtering funnel.

.Our review:

  • This product is simply fantastic and it gets the admiration of almost everyone who uses it, the Dual Fuel technology makes it possible to use the unleaded gasoline which is much cheaper and the level of brightness can be easily adjusted using the control knob,
  • perhaps the only drawback that you might find is its relatively high price, which is about $80, but if you want a high quality, long lasting lantern that comes from a well-known company, we recommend you to buy this one.
2.Dietz #76 Original Oil Burning Lantern
Dietz #76 Original Oil Burning Lantern (Blue)
  • Brand New Oil Lantern
  • Includes Lamp Globe Burner and Wick Strip
  • Great for Camping
  • Burns for 11 hours
  • Beautifully Decorative and Useful!!


Dietz #76 Original Oil Burning Lantern - Best Oil Lamps

. Lamp details:

  •  Lamp dimensions: 10 x 5.9 x 10 inches
  • Lamp weight: 1.28 pounds
  •  Manufacturer: Dietz
  •  Available colors: Red, Black, Blue, Green, Rusty, Black with Gold.

. Lamp information:

  • Brand New Oil Lantern
  •  Includes Lamp Globe Burner and Wick Strip
  •  Great for Camping
  •  Burns for 11 hours
  •  Beautifully Decorative and Useful

.Lamp description:

  • Dietz Brand #76 “The Original” oil lantern 10″ ht. X 5.9″ wide, burns 11 hours on 8 oz. of fuel. 7 candlepower, comes with 1/2″ wick.

.Our review:

  • This product is nice and has a fair price, it is beautifully decorated and comes in various colors, its size is small, which can be a plus for emergency and camping, but some of you might have hoped for a larger size, but if you are looking for a beautifully decorated emergency lantern at a fair price (about $22), we would recommend this one.
3.Feuerhand Hurricane Lantern - German Made Oil Lamp - 10
Feuerhand Hurricane Lantern - German Made Oil Lamp - 10" with Care Pack (Red)
  • Hurricane Lantern 10" tall - High Quality 100% Made in Germany
  • Authentic Tag shows "Original Made in Germany". Long Lasting 1/2" Flat Wick - 10oz Capacity - Burn Time: 20 hours
  • Care Pack Includes Extra Wick & Instructions by Vermont Lanterns. Ships Securely Bubble Wrapped
  • Bright and economical, great for indoor / outdoor emergency lighting, patios, camping, off grid adventures.

Feuerhand Hurricane Lantern - German Made Oil Lamp - 10" with Care Pack

. Lamp details:

  •  Lamp dimensions: 5 x 5 x 10 inches
  •  Lamp weight: 1 pound
  • Manufacturer: Feuerhand
  • Available colors: Green, Red, Black, Blue, White, Yellow.

.Lamp information:

  •  Hurricane Lantern 10″ tall – High Quality 100% Made in Germany
  •  Authentic Tag shows “Original Made in Germany”. Long Lasting 1/2″ Flat Wick – 10oz Capacity – Burn Time: 20 hours
  •  Care Pack Includes Extra Wick & Instructions by Vermont Ships Securely Bubble Wrapped
  •  Bright and economical, great for indoor/outdoor emergency lighting, patios, camping, off-grid adventures.
  • Full warranty, parts, and service available from Vermont Lanterns (Fulfilled by Amazon). Vermont LanternsÂź is a Registered Trademark with the USPTO.

. Lamp description:

  • Galvanized steel lantern, with high-quality powder coat, painted finish for increased rust resistance
  • The paint is heat and scratch resistant.
  • Cold Blast Hurricane Lanterns work in all weather conditions, and burn 2x times brighter compared to standard table lamp of equal wick size.
  • Due to the specially developed burner element, there is no flickering and shooting from the flame.
  • Has a special seal inside the tank ensures there is no risk of leakage.
  • Equipped with the thermal heat-resistant SUPRAX globes which will not crack even when touched by rain or snow.
  • Average Candlepower: 7-8. 100% Made in Germany.

. Our review:

  • This lantern is good. Being able to use it both indoor and outdoor is a plus for it, it is also good that it has a seal that prevents fuel leakage and a strong globe, and that it has increased rust resistance and all that extends the lantern’s life.
  • But the price might be viewed as too much for a lantern of this size (about $50), but as we always say, quality matters the most, if you can go with the small size and the relatively high price, this would be a good pick for a lantern with a long life.
4.V&O 310-80061 Supreme Brass Trim Oil Lantern Blue
V&O 310-80061 Supreme Brass Trim Oil Lantern Blue
  • Painted lantern has nickel-plated trim
  • Product is manufactured in China
  • This product meets customer requirement
  • Model number: 310-80061

V&O 310-80061 Supreme Brass Trim Oil Lantern Blue

. Lamp details:

  •  Lamp weight: 2.17 pounds
  •  Lamp dimensions: 8.5 x 4 x 14.5 inches
  •  Manufacturer: V&O
  •  Available colors: Blue

. Lamp information:

  •  Burn time of 26-hour
  •  Holds 31-ounce of oil
  •  Replacement glass globe from 21st: L85-09 and wick: L04
  •  Burns kerosene, lamp oil, citronella, and liquid paraffin
  •  Perfect for emergency lighting or even repelling bugs

.Lamp description:

  •  With a classic design, oil/kerosene lantern. The lamp measures 15-inch tall and made of metal with a wired covered glass globe, fully adjustable cotton wick.

. Our review:

  • This lantern is a little better than average, it is a good choice, not expensive (about $25) and performs quite well, but its material is not that thick, so you need to be careful when using it, so it is not highly recommended for camping or being carried around for long times, but it would be very helpful for you if you are going to put it in a specific room indoors or outdoors.
5.Lamplight 52664 Farmer's Lantern
Lamplight 52664 Farmer's Lantern, Black, Original Version, Brown
  • Household necessity during power outages
  • Burns for up to 15 hours
  • Holds 5 -ounce of fuel

Oil Lamps - Lamp Oil Lamplight 52664 Farmer's Lantern

Lamp details:

  •  dimensions: 4.7 x 4.7 x 12 inches
  •  Lamp weight: 6.2 ounces
  •  Manufacturer: Lamplight

. Lamp information:

  •  Burns for up to 15 hours
  •  Holds 5 ounces of fuel

. Lamp description:

  •  A nice small lantern that measures 12-inch tall, a good antique styled lantern at a very good price.

. Our review:

  • Not only the cheapest on our list, but it is also the lightest lantern, with just 6.2 ounces!! This lantern is an average one in terms of performance, you might be interested in using it as a decoration as it looks antique and has a cheap price, but some found that it leaks oil, except for the possibility of that, it is a fair lantern that looks good.
  • Whether you are having the problem of power cuts or you are looking for something to use in decorations, oil lanterns ( best oil lamps ) serve good in both situations and it gives you a great help both indoors and outdoors, so don’t hesitate in buying them to give yourself a solution for power cuts, and give your room and house a touch of the old days.

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