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Best Camping Air Mattress For Couples in 2023

Victor Dave
  May 28, 2023 10:46 AM

Best camping air mattress for couples. How can you pick the Best Camping Air Mattress For Couples when so many businesses make so many distinct items, each with its own attributes and types of products?


Every adventurous couple reaches a moment when they stare at their identical twin sleeping mats and wonder why their tenting setup seems like a bedroom from a 1950s comedy. At this point, it is time to upgrade to a camping mattress designed specifically for couples. However, purchasing your first double-wide sleeping mat will often need a considerable expenditure. This investment, however, may be the deciding factor between a warm and pleasant night of sleep and groggy looks on the drive back home. In order to assist you in making the best decision for both you and your significant other, we researched and tested seven of the most popular models currently on the market to determine the best camping mattresses for couples

Out Top Picks:


1. Exped MegaMat 10

The Exped MegaMat 10 is as comfortable as, if not more so than, our mattresses at home. A rollout inflated foam mat doesn't leave much room for improvement. Without a sheet, you won't become sticky or sweaty thanks to the top's soft, breathable material. The mattress's single-flutter valve makes it simple to choose the perfect level of firmness. Anyone could find their ideal PSI for a night beneath the stars, even the most picky of testers. This pad comes with an ample-sized carrying case with a shoulder strap and an easy-to-use, compact foam hand pump.

The MegaMat 10's increased breadth means more comfort, but it also means you could have trouble fitting inside a two-person tent. The MegaMat 10 Duo is ideal for two people to share the same level of comfort when camping. This mat is a little pricey, but it's worth every penny. Your body will thank you for investing in this mattress if you spend more than a few nights a year sleeping in your vehicle or if you just want a good backup mattress for overnight visitors.


  • Dimensions of the item are 77.6 x 30.3 x 4 inches
  • Weight of Item: 5.75 pounds
  • Department Unisex-adult
  • Manufacturer Exped

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2. Matrix Cell Memory Foam Camping Mattress Pad

The Hazli twin memory foam roll up mattress is ideal as a camping mattress, a folding mattress, or a guest bed. This adult-sized inflatable mattress provides superior comfort and support and may be used inside or out.

Our twin-size floor mattress is elegantly crafted from 100% waterproof memory foam and has a removable, machine-washable cover. The Hazli non-inflatable floor mattress has a storage pocket and a non-slip base, making it ideal for use on hard floors or tiles. Pack this sleeping bag for your next camping trip.

The dimensions of our 75-inch by 36-inch by 3-inch memory foam mat are. Perfect for vehicle camping in any model Tesla, Jeep Wrangler, or family SUV.

This foldable mattress can accommodate more people thanks to its Velcro closures and its compact design. Straps and a bag are offered for free for easy transport. Uses for our memory foam mattress range from sports equipment to play mats for children to futons to college dorm mattresses to Montessori beds.


  • Dimensions of the item are 75 by 36 by 3 inches.
  • Substance Memory Foam
  • Manufacturer ‎Hazli

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3. TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Camp Pad

The use of this cushion will make camping a more pleasant experience. The TETON Sports Camp Pads are developed with careful consideration so that you may have the experience of bringing the comforts of home with you to the campground. Each camping pad is constructed out of open-cell foam, which springs back into shape after being rolled out. You may finally unwind now, secure in the knowledge that a restful night of sleep is in store for you.


  • The dimensions of the product are 38.75 x 14.7 x 14 inches and it weighs 9 pounds.
  • Polyethylene Open-Cell Foam
  • Item Weight 4.08 Kilograms
  • The manufacturer is TETON Sports.
  • ASIN ‏: ‎ B000P6DJ8O

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4. HIKENTURE Double Sleeping Pad

Looking to treat the family to a night of luxurious stargazing? You already know that the Hikenture double sleeping pad is the most compact and lightweight double-sized thick camping mattress available. It expands to a spacious 79 by 47.5 by 3.75 inches when fully inflated, providing enough room for two happy campers.

There is no need to pump or breathe any harder; instead, you may rest easier after a long trip. Each camping mat has two valves: one that allows you to quickly inflate the pad with your foot or hand, and another that allows you to deflate it just as quickly.

Looking for an outside bedmate? Our 600-pound capacity 2-person sleeping pad is made of polyester pongee with TPU lamination technology, so you and your loved one may sleep well in the great outdoors.

With the extra-thick Hikenture sleeping pad for camping, you can say goodbye to back pain and stiffness forever. Every camper, no matter how they want to sleep (on their back, stomach, or side), will have more than 3.75 inches of support.

Our lightweight sleeping pad (3.64 pounds) folds down to a compact 13.8 by 5.9 inch, eliminating the need to transport a bulky and heavy camping mattress pad. The 2-person sleeping pad's portability, durability, and lightweight construction make it ideal for usage in a variety of outdoor settings, including but not limited to: RV camping, car camping, hiking, backpacking, glamping, road tripping, travel, and more.


  • Dimensions: 79 by 47.5 by 3.75 inches
  • Weight of Item: 3.64 pounds
  • Manufacturer HIKENTURE

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5. Coleman Camping Cot

The Coleman® Camping Cot and Air Mattress Combo with Battery Pump and Side Tables will take your camping comfort to the next level, no matter where your travels take you. The leak-proof technology ensures that the air bed remains inflated throughout the night, while the high-tech coils provide superior comfort and support. The fold-out side tables with built-in cup holders are convenient for storing essentials like flashlights and water bottles.


  • Product Dimensions ‎59"L x 22"W x 78"Th
  • Material ‎Steel
  • Special Feature ‎Built-In Frame
  • Weight of Item: 42.6 Pounds

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What to look for


Choosing a camping mattress may make or break your trip, so it's important to think about size before you buy. A long, broad, or XL version might provide extra room if you're tall or like to toss and turn in your sleep. Find out how many mattresses you can put into your tent by measuring its floor.


It's common knowledge that thicker mattresses are the most comfortable option. When you lie on your side, they support your hips and shoulders, and when you sit up, you won't sink to the bottom. Thin pads were once the standard for camping, but these days it's not unusual to find mattresses that are three or four plush inches thick. However, if you value simplicity or have limited floor space, you'll find some great low-profile choices on our list as well.


Self-Inflating: When you open the valve on some pads and mattresses, air is sucked in automatically. Leave them alone for a time, and all you'll need to do to firm them up is add a few more breaths of air. Self-inflating pads are a great time saver, but they still need some effort on your part.

Inflating Beds: Pump-operated air mattresses are also useful in certain situations. A high-volume pad may be swiftly inflated with a hand pump or electric pump, and the resulting mattress can be adjusted to your preferred level of firmness. Using a pump eliminates the need to use your breath to inflate the pad, which may lead to chilly, moldy conditions. Constantly remembering to carry the pump, batteries or a power source, and the proper nozzle is an inconvenience.


Micro-adjustments are used in a few of the preceding examples. That means you may adjust the stiffness by letting out tiny amounts of air, as needed. Typically, a release button located inside the value is pressed to do this. You can modify your mattress whenever you choose, even in the middle of the night, and not have to worry about losing all your air pressure when you unplug it.


A cot is an excellent addition to your camping mattress if you like to sleep at a higher elevation. Long-distance travelers and the elderly may appreciate the use of a cot.


Q. What is the going rate for a double-sized camping mattress?

Couples should expect to pay anywhere from $100 to over $500 for a camping mattress. Air mattresses are often the most affordable, while mattresses with high-quality memory foam would be on the pricier end of the spectrum. 

Q. What's the ideal thickness for a camping mat?

The density of the foam within a camping mattress is more essential than its overall thickness. A camping mattress with additional foam inside will feel more like a bed and provide greater insulation from the cold ground. Conversely, couples may choose their preferred amount of hardness on air mattresses. 

Q. In a tent, would you recommend using an air mattress or a camping cot?

Camping cots offer a lot of benefits over inflated sleeping pads (they won't leak, for example), but they aren't as comfy as inflatable pads since you can't adjust how firm or supportive they are. So that they may have the height of the cot and the comfort of the sleeping pad, some individuals choose to put an inflatable sleeping pad on top of a camping cot. 

Q. What should I look for in a double-sized camping mattress? 

You and your sleeping companion need to decide what features are most important to you in a camping mattress, such as firmness, comfort, convenience of use, durability, and packing size. Most camping mattresses designed for two people will expand significantly when packed, but those designed with convenience in mind will be either less firm or less long lasting. 

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